Why Pillious?

Our "WHY"

"Something bigger than ourselves"

“We combine simplicity, creativity and innovation to make it all more efficient. We want to make it smarter, regardless of the solutions we want to offer, we strive to make it more innovative and user-friendly for our members. The solutions on the market are not creative enough and too complicated”

Copyright: Pillious
Copyright: Pillious

"Impossible is just an opinion"

With everything we do, we believe in challenging the “status quo”. We believe innovation and efficiency makes a difference. The way we challenge the “status quo” is by making our services user-friendly, transparent, better and smarter than others. We want to show that investing is easy if you do it like us. 

"Better in every imaginable way"

With our systems we make it simple and more transparent, the solutions that the banks offer are not transparent enough and too expensive. They have not made a difference for the customer, as they do not put themselves in the customer’s direct situation. We trade with our members.

Copyright: Pillious
Copyright: Pillious

"Same return - and the same success over time"

“The trades are simple, there is not too much information at once. You receive a push notification when we trade a stock in the app, this can be in the form of a tip or a recommendation. However, you can be sure that we have traded the stock on one of our accounts, and it will be monitored until it is sold again. We want to show others that it is possible to start up with nothing by using the reinvestment effect.
It is important not to tie your money to falling stocks. We will make sure to update on stop loss and profit taking.

"We are in the same boat, your risk is our risk"

The goal is a good and stable return. 
We are in this together, so if a stock falls which is in your portfolio, you can be sure that it applies to us as well. We are just as interested in the highest return possible as you. As a member of Pillious you also get the opportunity to experience and participate.
We make sure to keep the risk down by continuously updating you on the trades and by selling the stocks that do not perform.

Copyright: Pillious

"Impossible is just an opinion"

This is our main motto.
This means that you as a member can write to us and make suggestions on what we can do to improve the service. That no matter how wild an idea you may have, we can handle it and not give up until we have executed it to perfection.
It also means that all our employees have the same attitude, and therefore have no restrictions here with us.

Last but not least, it means that no matter what your prerequisites may be,
then we know you can achieve what you want and we will do everything to help you.

"Think different"

Why settle for one income when you can have two at the same time?

Both long-term stocks with dividends and short-term trades.

“Do not measure success by today’s harvest. Measure success by the seeds you plant today.”

It does not matter where you stand now or what situation you are in financially. No matter how difficult it may be, invest now and thank yourself in the future. It is the decisions now that count. As stated in the quote –

Measure success with the seeds you plant today. ”

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