P/E stocks

P/E stocks

Value investors want to buy shares for less than they are worth. This concept definitely makes sense – after all, if you could buy $ 100 for $ 80, wouldn’t you do it as often as possible? Of course, this is easier said than done. Here is an overview of what securities are, examples of some excellent beginner-friendly securities, and some key concepts and metrics that value investors should know.Here’s how to find value stocks to invest in.The point of investing in value is to find companies that trade at a discount on their own value, with the idea that they are likely to outperform the overall stock market over time. Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done when it comes to finding stocks that trade for less than they are really worth. After all, if it was easy to buy $100 for $80 over and over, everyone would be rich.However, there are some metrics you can use, here are three of the best metrics. Which you can keep in your toolkit when searching for value stocks or companies that are on offer:

Mathias Reippuert - Founder Pillious
Mads Hansen - Founder Pillious

P / E ratio

This is the best known stock valuation and for a good reason. Price / earnings or P / E ratios can be a very useful tool for comparing valuations of companies in the same industry. To calculate it, simply divide a company’s stock price with its last 12 months earnings.

PEG Ratio

This is similar to the P / E ratio, but is adjusted to level the playing field between companies that may grow at slightly different rates. (Thus PEG, or price-to-earnings-to-growth ratio.) By dividing a company’s P / E ratio by its annual revenue growth rate, you get a more one-to-one comparison between different companies.

Price-to-book (P / B) ratio

Think of the book value as what would theoretically be left if a company ceased operating and sold all of its assets. Calculating a company’s stock price as a multiple of its book value can help identify undervalued options, and many value investors specifically look for opportunities to buy shares that trade for less than their book value.

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