LongTerm Results

LongTerm USA

In Pillious USA Momentum we use the academically recognized momentum factor to select the 100 single stocks we trade in the US from 3 indices Dow Jones 30, S&P 500 and Nasdaq that have the best momentum. The goal is to deliver better absolute and risk-adjusted returns than the World Share Index (MSCI World ETF) measured in Danish kroner.

LongTerm Danmark

The results shown below are realized investments among the shares in the Danish C25 stock index, then among the most liquid Danish large and midcap shares. We use risk-adjusted momentum to achieve lower returns and better long-term returns. Since 2014 we have achieved over 100% points more in return than the benchmark index because we have had a tight stop loss policy so if the stock goes -2% against us we sell out, the 100% points more in return is net after all trading.

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