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We do our best every day to create good returns for our customers in our subscription business which you will find under the “trader” page. Since 2014, our own momentum strategy and arbitrage strategy, which we talk about on the other sides, have created a total return of well over 200% net after all costs in both portfolios. With a passive index investment in the US indices – with reinvested dividends – the return on comparison in the same period has increased by 102%. We therefore see an opportunity in offering management in a closed company, where you yourself are a co-owner. Here, trading is based on a short-term investment strategy, where we close the positions relatively quickly again, in order to minimize the risk and invest in the present instead of the future, which is difficult to predict.

You Must Be Aware Of The Following When Investing

Along the way, there have been, and will continue to be, periods when we underperform in our portfolios in relation to the market, and in such periods it is important to continue to be true to the strategy – it is important to see a return over a longer period. period instead of a snapshot of 2-6 months. One should therefore consider whether this product has one’s interest and suits one, as it is not suitable for investors with a short-term time horizon, who expect many hundreds of percent returns annually in Danish and American simple shares. You must see this as a passive investment, where you have a greater opportunity within 5 years, to get a payout that has hit the market significantly.

The investment strategy

Pillious Invest A / S ‘investment objective is to achieve an attractive short-term return within the established investment markets, which primarily deal with Nasdaq, S & P500, Dow Jones in the USA and a few Nordic markets. The company wants to provide investors with a competitive return, taking into account the absolute risk of the portfolio, which is on a risk scale of 7 out of 7.

The investment strategy is accumulative, which means that the company reinvests the return on new shares all the time. The goal is to beat a standard index investment over time. It is the assessment that the strategy is appropriate for a time horizon of approx. 12 months and no less.

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