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Have you always dreamed of becoming a full-time trader? Or just want some more dynamic framework, with high energy level and independence? We are looking for skilled traders in equities and other investment alternatives, such as commodities, bonds, currency, cryptocurrency etc. It is only a matter of imagination if you are better than the majority at some form of investment.

Don’t have much experience yet, but dream of becoming a full-time trader for Pillious? Then there are some ways you can go to qualify for a position with us:

Find out where your passion lies within which sector and country.

Get to know the investment product really well.

Investigate the factors that are causing the price trend to rise or fall, how is the phycology?

Monitor the product for an extended period of time and see the trends in volume. When is it high?

Establish a strategy for how you want to outperform market trends

Start testing the strategy and see if it holds. And even if it doesn’t, have you gotten a little better?

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